Nicaragua: Channeling the Future

Cattle cross a field in Rivas, Nicaragua, in front of wind turbines on March 11, 2015. IC Power rents the land for Amayo from locals who still use it to ranch, Pentzke said. Danika Worthington/JMC 470

Danika reported in Nicaragua with roughly 20 other students as part of the Depth Reporting class taught by Rick Rodriguez, former former Sacramento Bee Executive Editor Rick Rodriguez. The class is part of the Cronkite Borderlands Initiative. Danika learned how to pre-report, cultivate sources on the ground and interview in a second language as part of the class. She then reported and shot photography in Nicaragua for a week.

Shine A Light: Latinos & Religion

Danika worked with two other students to create Shine A Light: Latinos & Religion, a multimedia project exploring Hispanic religious culture. The project was for “Latinos and Transnational Issues,” a class taught by former Sacramento Bee Executive Editor Rick Rodriguez. Danika created the website and the interactive found at the bottom of the page.

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Photo by Kristie Chua)
Photo by Kristie Chua
Photo by Kristie Chua)
Photo by Kristie Chua

Phantom in Phoenix

A group of 14 Dow Jones News Fund digital interns created a podcast series called Phantom in Phoenix that was accompanied with written articles, photography and infographics during a week-long training at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Danika worked with three others to create “Episode Three: The Characters You Don’t See.” The podcast focuses on the production side of the Phantom of the Opera.

Street Series: SoRo

The Downtown Devil, an independent student publication, profiled a series of colorful businesses located on SoRo, or South Roosevelt, in downtown Phoenix with the multimedia project Street Series: SoRo. The businesses covered were all set to be demolished as their building would make way for a luxury apartment complex. Danika wrote the introductory piece to the project.

Voter Apathy

Danika created the website Voter Apathy as part of her Advanced Online Media class taught by LJ Thornton in 2015. The site highlights voter apathy and looks at voter turnout in Arizona compared to the rest of the nation. It may take time to load given its size and hosting site.

Two women wave to veterans as they walk in the Veterans Day parade on Central Avenue on Monday, Nov. 11. The parade participants ranged from veterans who served in Korea to Afghanistan. (Photo by Danika Worthington)